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Positive pressure unit
The PP1LOFT is a positive pressure unit designed to provide whole house ventilation and eliminate issues with mould and condensation. Suitable for refurbishment projects, as well as new build properties, the PP1LOFT utilises free solar energy and includes an integral grade 4 filter to ensure good levels of indoor air quality.
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Features and Benefits


The PP1LOFT is a discreet ventilation unit which is installed out of sight in the loft – no nuisance running noise in the home.


  • Low running costs for occupants with an outstanding performance as low as 0.16 W/l/s


  • Ideal for properties that suffer consistent problems with mould and condensation in relation to Environmental Protection Act 1990 (section 82)


  • Utilises free solar energy from natural solar gain in the loft – once activated the airflow is boosted helping reduce draughts and temper ventilation air effectively


  • Integral grade GU4 filter for fresh filtered air and provision of good indoor air quality


  • Simple to install and very low on-going maintenance


  • Centrally mounted ceiling diffuser for discreet installed aesthetics


  • Five programmable temperatures and six air volume controls for complete flexibility


  • Can be used for Radon Control where required in the UK
CE MARKED5 Year Gaurentee

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