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DN Vent

Acoustic window ventilator
DN Vent provides 37dB acoustic attenuation and provides 1400mm2 equivalent area. Available in white and supplied with D Vent for inner vent installation. Manufactured from PVC.
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Features and Benefits


The DN Vent is an acoustic window vent providing acoustic attenuation up to Dn,e,w 37(dB).


  • 1400mm² equivalent area (England & Wales)


  • 1600mm² free area (Scotland)


  • Front operation only


  • Internal unit (D Vent) provides upward deflection of airflow


  • Suitable for installation up to two floors only


  • Available in white

Models & Control Options

Physical Specification
Product code 1600DN

External 1600DN

Internal 2000DN

Equivalent area (mm2) 1400

Dimensions (mm)

l x h x d

278 x 22 x 11

202 x 22 x 11

Slot height (mm) 15.5

Slot Size (mm)




Control F
Colour W

Scottish Building Regulations: Free area performance 1600DN = 1600mm2.

Control: Front flap only (F).

Colour: White (W).

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