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Referb over-frame system is suitable for replacement windows and is ideal for window profiles that can't accept slotvents easily. Installed above the window profile with only a small glass reduction. Available with a range of slotvent options. White only. Manufactured from PVC.
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Features and Benefits


The Referb Vent is an over-frame solution for when the window profile cannot accept through-frame vent options easily. It is installed at the top of the profile and covers the entire length of the window. The central vent opening provides the necessary air path to meet Building Regulations and, as it becomes part of the complete window system, provides a pleasing aesthetic finish.



  • Supplied cut to size and fully assembled


  • Equivalent area dependent on unit size and Slotvent option


  • Range of Slotvent options including pull cord operation - HD vent & GB vent


  • Suitable for window thicknesses from 50mm to 70mm


  • Eliminates the need to rout through frame


  • Range of profile options to help complement specific decorative schemes


  • Requires only a 39mm window height reduction

Models & Control Options


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