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20 January 2016

This video will change everything you know on window fans for housing

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With domestic burglary in urban areas TWICE the national rate per 1000 homes, security should still be firmly on the agenda for landlords

From anti-social behaviour and car theft to graffiti, physical attacks and intimidation, crime and the fear of crime is an issue that concerns all of us, particularly city dwellers. Burglary is a particular concern, and in a report published as part of the 2013/14 Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) report, the most recent available the subject, burglary in urban and inner-city areas is twice the national rate per 1000 households.

Why this matters to Social Landlords

Crime and insecurity can make housing in certain areas difficult to let - it affects people’s perception of communities and can lead to rapid deterioration of areas.  Tenants can be hugely affected by intrusion and personal associated with property both physically and mentally.  Landlords therefore should have security of homes and tenants high on the agenda – choosing the most effective solutions that they can afford as well as keeping up to date with changes and new options available – especially in more vulnerable areas and property types e.g. large blocks of flats that can be easily accessed and where opportunists start at the higher levels where they may be least likely to be disturbed. 

Focus on securing the property as effectively as possible

Many social landlords are working together and in partnership with organisations to reduce crime and consulting on proactive ways of reducing it. Partners include the police, local authorities and other organisations as well as involving tenants and residents.

Secured by Design is one such organisation

Established in 1989, Secured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative combining the principles of ‘designing out crime’ through physical security and processes.

SBD works with various industries to offer advice in creating secured housing both for new and existing homes.  What is central is the accreditation of high level security products suitable for housing.  The products have been rigorously tested to PAS 24:2012, a stringent testing protocol that only sees the most secure of products pass.

Windows and doors by the very nature of their positions in homes can be used as means of entry and in social housing Secured by Design products will always be specified to protect tenants.  What is happening is the scope is extending to other products that could be deemed means of entry – and right now it’s an extractor fan – one that is installed directly in a window.

Watch why a Secure Window Fan should be the only choice for ventilating through a window;

Secured by Design Window Fan


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