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18 June 2014

Smarter Than Your Average Fan


Can your fan tell the difference between a shower and a warm summer’s evening?

We bet you can because if it can’t it’s bound to be providing nuisance noise!

Now that summer’s finally arrived, bringing the promise of light-filled balmy evenings and the chance to dust down the BBQ, one thing (we’re guessing) you’re probably not thinking about is your fan’s performance over the warmer months. 

We, at Greenwood, understand that monitoring levels of moisture in the air is essential when it comes to delivering effective ventilation all year round.  


Because humidity means moisture, which in turn needs to be extracted.

What are the effects of poor ventilation?

Failure to provide effective ventilation causes mould, condensation and damp.  The thing is, ambient or background humidity levels vary as much as 60% over the year and this can often trigger humidity sensors…but no more.

That’s one reason why we developed Greenwood HumidiSMART®, a patented technology designed to respond only to man-made humidity spikes caused by showers, baths and cooking.  In short, we’re talking intelligent ventilation here.  

Greenwood HumidiSMART® makes sure that ventilation is delivered only when it is absolutely needed – and not when levels of background humidity rise naturally, say, on a muggy night.

An Evolution in Ventilation

It’s a big step forward from the old style traditional humidity sensors that have set trigger points.  Let’s say it’s warm outside and the windows are open in the bathroom; the humidity in the air will activate a fan unnecessarily and this causes nuisance running and unnecessary energy consumption.

Greenwood HumidiSMART ® on the other hand, activates ventilation in response to man-made spikes in humidity.  It’s clever because it works with the 'real time' installed environment and knows exactly what the normal level of humidity is at any given point in time, using this as its base line to look for surges.  What’s more, it can’t be altered by end users so it guarantees protection of the property all year round – not under or over ventilating. 

Finally a humidity sensor that works with the property and not the weather!

Having taken the world of humidity controlled ventilation by storm, Greenwood HumidiSMART® is now available across our range, including the Unity CV2GIP, Omnique, Vireo MVHR and of course, our low energy intermittent extractor fan Samika, which has just been shortlisted in the Best Kitchens and Bathrooms Product category of the Housebuilder Product Awards 2014

Wish us luck – we find out if we’ve won on 2 July!

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