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11 March 2014

Two daddy long legs and a load of black muck

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I bet you are scratching your heads and wondering what two daddy long legs and a load of black muck has to do with ventilation?

We regularly change our Heat Recovery Filters here at the Greenwood offices in sunny Sussex and take pride in having fresh air circulating our meeting rooms.

Our Heat Recovery Unit has an indicator, which flashes when in need of replacing; a handy little device, and one that is important to anyone who has a Heat Recovery Unit installed in the place they live or work.

When replacing the filters last week, we discovered what can only be described as a load of black muck and two daddy long legs. We felt so sorry for the little ones that we lovingly named them Ed and Bob.

Rest their poor souls.

Whilst Ed and Bob won’t ever make their way into the home or our meeting room, it will affect indoor air quality, an unfortunate fact. But this gives us a great opportunity to remind you why you need to change the filters regularly.

Heat Recovery Ventilation
works best in highly insulated dwellings – where natural air leakage is minimised. 

In such homes, 100% ventilation is provided through purposely installed systems such as a heat recovery unit. If those filters become clogged, it will start to impact the performance and effectiveness of the unit.  

Essentially the more clogged they are, the more impact they have on the rate of airflow to your home – as air can’t get through at the necessary rate.  This also affects the system’s efficiency as a whole.

Remember then - simple and quick replacement of filters is key to delivering the best air quality in homes with Heat Recovery Ventilation.

As we rely on filters to contribute to indoor air quality and performance, it is good to note here about Summer By-Passes.  Make sure the heat recovery system you are choosing doesn’t bypass the heat exchanger AND the filter, because some do.  

Greenwood’s Heat Recovery Systems don’t!  It seems Bob and Ed and lots of black muck could be joining you in the summer months after all – something to watch out for!

Five Important Facts About Heat Recovery Filters

  • Filters do a job. 
    A very good job at removing the dirt and dust we don't want in our homes, especially what we don't want to inhale. And as were spending over 70% of our time indoors nowadays, it's essential we consider the air were breathing.
  • Filters get clogged.  
    just 4 months Ed and Bob had joined us, not to mention the other black gunk. Filters need to be checked, so that the frequency of change is understood. Each home is different.

  • Filters need replacing reguarly. 
    Depending on where you are in the country the 12 month filter replacement should be
    increased to 6 months and in very urban city areas, perhaps checked at shorter intervals. Your heat recovery unit will signal  when it needs replacing (but it's always worth checking regularly anyway).
  • Indoor Air Quality matters. 
    For those of us living in new airtight homes this is essential and for those of us living with allergies o
    r conditions such as asthma, we would say it is crucial to well-being and health. Imagine pouring leaded or diesel into an unleaded car, it would completely damage the engine.
  • Just because air is invisible doesn' t mean it doesn't matter. 
    ve all changed or cleaned out the filter in the hoover because it's no longer sucking up the dirt.

The focus on maintenance, servicing and homeowner education is increasing.  Through regulatory and associated documents, developers, landlords and manufacturers need to provide simple and easy-to-understand guides for the heat recovery systems in their homes – highlighted in the recent NHBC Guidance on Heat Recovery ventilation.

This week Greenwood launches the first homeowner filter reminder service for heat recovery ventilation, similar to the reminders you’d find on fridges and washing machines. As a manufacturer we are communicating directly with the homeowner and asking them to register and we will send reminders when the filters need to be checked and replaced.

RIP Bob and Ed. 


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