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15 January 2016

We've got the Most Secure Fan in the UK - Secured by Design

secured by design

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Domestic Burglary in urban areas is twice the national rate per 1000 households (2015)

Security is still very much on the agenda when it comes to housing, and espeically for landlords responsible for social housing, tenants and communities. Our strong relationships with landlords and working in partnership with those responsible for advising on secure products identified new scope for a security product that adds an additional layer of security.


Our revolutionary Omnique Window Fan has just become the first ever kitchen and bathroom extractor fan to achieve accreditation by Secured by Design, the official UK police flagship initiative which aims to ‘design out crime’ by encouraging innovative physical security products.

With window security and break-ins a growing concern among social landlords and tenants, the Omnique Window Fan is the most secure and high performance multifunction fan for kitchen and bathroom windows on the market and has been developed in conjunction with local authorities, social landlords and personnel responsible for secure house designs to deter potential break-ins.

Watch why window fan security is crucial

Omnique Secured by Design

Secured by Design

 “Extractor fans in bathroom and kitchen windows have been targeted by intruders as a means to gain access to a property, so where window installations are required, a secure installation is crucial. Greenwood’s Omnique Window fan is the first fan to achieve Secured by Design accreditation since the initiative begun 26 years ago. The Omnique Window Fan was given this accreditation because it passed independent testing as a critical component within PAS24:2012 by the Loss Prevention Certification Board. We are very pleased to have a window fan of this security level available now and are very excited to welcome Greenwood to Secured by Design,” said Doug Skins, Development Officer at Secured by Design.

“Obtaining Secured by Design certification is a significant achievement, and demonstrates Greenwood’s commitment to designing products which offer maximum safety, sustainability and high performance. As well as being the most secure extractor fan on the market, the Omnique Window Fan also ensures ventilation performance is achieved through its innovative external grille design – after all, a fan needs to do a job and eliminate mould and condensation in homes.  Throughout the design process of the fan we drew on our experience of working with London-based social landlords as well as those responsible for designing secure housing and social landlords.  We identified a real need to develop a secure extractor fan which also offers privacy and the correct ventilation performance,” said Michelle Sharp at Greenwood Airvac - a division of Zehnder Group UK

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