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4 January 2016

ErP includes Ventilation Products from 1.1.2016

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From fridge freezers to hoovers to MVHR Units - ventilation products will now carry the energy efficiency label

ErP is the European Energy Related Products Directive which is driving more transparency and information in the matters of energy efficiency. As a CE Marking Directive, it provides the ecodesign requirements for defined energy-related products or functions.

The objective of the ErP Directive is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other adverse environmental impacts throughout the life-cycle of a product. The emphasis is being placed on the design and development stages of a product with a view to improving its energy efficiency.

With effect from 1.1.2016 Ventilation products and units fall within the scope of the ErP Directive which means that all products must have a Declaration of Performance (DoP) which provides the energy efficiency rating from A+ - G available for consumers and a number of products must also have the Energy Efficiency Label which will be visible on the front of the product itself.

All Greenwood Airvac products now have DoP information available (you can find this on each product page in the download section) as required by the European Directive.

More information is available here, however should you have any questions in relation to ErP and energy effciency performance, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Department on 01276 605800


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