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1 April 2014

First Ever Heat Recovery Homeowner Registration

Homeowner Registration for Heat Recovery Ventilation

Today we extend our focus on Guaranteed Installed Performance and launch the first registration scheme for heat recovery ventilation aimed at developers, installers and homeowners

With Guaranteed Installed Performance at the top of our agenda, we are being SMART about ensuring this is delivered throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Recent research undertaken by the BRE and the subsequent release of the NHBC guidance on Heat Recovery pushes focus on maintenance, servicing and educating the end user. 

So - we have taken the next steps; We practise what we preach about Guaranteed Installed Performance at the point of design and install, and now also through the lifetime of the product. 

"We want to make it easy for end users and homes to retain a consistent level of indoor air quality - like many other things (our hoovers for instance), if the filters are clogged, the unit won’t work as efficiently as it could and should be.  This is especially important for allergy sufferers and those with conditions such as asthma, and generally for comfort levels in the home, since MVHR is installed in airtight, efficient homes. - and air is pretty crucial!"

‘The Filter reminder service is another extension of our focus on GIP -  Guaranteed Installed Performance. The homeowner guide provided with our products is now twinned the filter reminder service.  It can be completed and brings benefit to a number of people;

The Homeowner or occupant when they move in
The Developer based on the addresses before the keys are handed over to new owners
The Landlord before tenants move in

We can then set a reminder based on install or move in dates, regardless of the name of the occupant - and send in the post and email to the nominated person - the homeowner or the landlord

Our introduction of the filter registration further supports GIP, Building Regulation compliance and latest guidance notes on MVHR Best Practise.

Register now at

To support our extension of GIP - We have also launched 4 brand new videos showing how to replace the filters in our Heat Recovery Systems - Vireo and ComfoAir Units.  Watch Kayleigh and Nic in action - and see some real muck (and two daddy longlegs) that were found in ours at the time we had to replace them on our units at Head Office.

Vireo HR155WMVireo HR185WMComfoAir200, ComfoAir350, ComfoAir550 


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