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18 March 2014

Free Fan Recycling kicks off at Birmingham House Association

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The introduction of our Free Fan Recycling scheme is offering one of our social landlord customers a chance to reduce their environmental impact, especially in consideration that this type of product has recently been included in the scope WEEE.

Free Fan Recycling is a new national initiative that is all about making it simple for our customers to recycle old extractor fans being removed from their properties in large scale refurbishment programmes.

The Free Fan Recycling scheme is intended to support Local Authorities, Housing Associations and contractors meet their waste targets.  In addition, electrical fans now fall under the 2010 WEEE directive which sets stringent recycling targets for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.  Every year an estimated 2 million tonnes of WEEE items are discarded by householders and companies in the UK

When a new project where our fans are being installed, the scheme can begin.  We provide a dedicated recycling container on-site whereby the contractor deposits the old fans that are removed from the houses.  Once the containers are full, we organise the emptying and collection of the equipment which then goes off to be dismantled and recycled into variety of items such as plastics used in the automotive industry, paint for road markings and even plant pots. 

'We have just kicked off a brand new scheme with a social landlord in the Birmingham area or is embarking on a bathroom replacement project in the next month or so - the bin is on-site already and the contractor will start to fill it with the old extractor fans that are being replaced - we can't wait to collect the bin and provide him with the necessary data for his reporting - showing their ongoing commitement to environmental impact reduction. .

By providing this simple, free of charge service to our customers we are supporting sustainable manufacturing - Fans have to be recycled under the WEEE direction and we are committed - we can just make it easier for those customers who are replacing existing fans with Greenwood ones"

You can read move about the Free Fan Recyling here or contacting us on 01903 777179 or emailing 


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