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27 January 2014

We've received excellent feedback from our BPEC2U Mobile Installer Training!

Bpec ventilation installation training

From John o' Groats to Land's End (well, not quite), our well travelled BPEC2U Ventilation Installer Training is receiving rave reviews - find out how it's been recieved

BPEC2U is a one-of-a-kind mobile training service offered by Greenwood Airvac, providing the accredited Domestic Ventilation Installation Training Course around the country. The course is designed to assist and accredit installers in delivering Guaranteed Installed Performance first time and everytime. It includes a mix of theoretical and practical training for the majority of domestic ventilation systems in the UK, including heat recovery systems, semi-rigid ducting, power testing and set-up and commissioning.

BPEC2U brings the training to your doorstep - no need to travel or incur overnight costs - and is delivered in a single day.

Travelling far and wide, here is what some of our customers have had to say;

Serving the country from over 250 locations nationwide, Edmundson Electrical is committed to satisfying the demands of, and building strong relationships with, their customers. As part of on-going support, Edmundson Electrical decided to take the step of organising a Greenwood Airvac BPEC2U course for their customers;

"As an electrical wholesaler we take pride in assisting our customers with their businesses and are always looking for new ways in which to offer added value. By setting up the course, we were able to invite a range of local customers who we knew were actively installing ventilation products for the new build sector and who would benefit from the accredited training.
From a company perspective, we were able to spend a valuable day with our key customers and, as an added bonus, we also now have a member of our staff who is qualified to commission a ventilation system!"

Phil Addis - Edmundson Electrical, Sutton Coldfield.

With no previous experience of Heat Recovery system installation, Highland Plumbing and Heating, sub-contractors for Tulloch Homes in Inverness, took advantage of the new Greenwood BPEC2U training course and brought the benefit of ventilation training to their doorstep;

"Given where we are situated in the country, the logistics of sending engineers on training courses is difficult. It is a major expense for the company, not to mention a major loss of working house - to attend a two day course we would generally require four days for travelling to and from.

With 40 houses in line for heat recovery installation, our need for training was evident and we were very pleased that the BPEC2U training from Greenwood Airvac meant that the mobile rig would be brought to us. Having the training on the doorstep meant that we were able to put nine engineers on the course in the local area. This was a far more convenient and cost effective means of training our staff."

Gordon Macalister - Managing Director at Highland Plumbing and Heating.

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