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9 December 2013

A full range of Greenwood GIP products are now available


Grenwood GIP products ensure that, with ease, you can achieve Guaranteed Installed Performance for every installation - and with three new additions in 2013 the range is now full of innovative solutions suitable for new and existing dwellings.

Greenwood GIP products are designed to ensure that Guaranteed Installed Performance is acheived once the products are installed in their applications and, most importantly, that it is simple and easy to achieve this on-site. They are designed to be adjustable to ensure that the correct airflow performance can be achieved in its specific installation application and, therefore, comply with Building Regulations - it's all about Getting Ventilation Right every time.

Vireo, Samika and ComfoTube are the three key introductions for this year and offer a host of benefits to specifiers, installers and end-users that are linked to GIP and include the quickest heat recovery unit to set-up on site*; the only fully adaptive intermittent extract fan and zero-leakage 'Bend it, Shape it, Any way you want it' semi-rigid ducting which offers excellent airflow performance, noise reduction and is fully cleanable throughout its life.

'The inclusion of three new Greenwood GIP products to the range cements our continued focus on putting performance at the very top of our agenda,' says Michelle Sharp, Marketing Communications Manager. 'We ensure the performance can be achieved in its application and we make it easy for this to be accomplished with the inclusion of our SMART technology such as SMART control pads and set-up wizards.

'Right now there is focus within the industry on the quality of ventilation installation following GIP and becoming a fundamental part of the Building Regulation compliance. We are working with developers, landlords and installers, and undertaking a considerable amount of training in connection with GIP. In addtion, we are continuing to use third party accredited test houses for all of our product performance certification to add additional layers of confidence that our products can do what they say they do, once installed'

Find out more about the Greenwood GIP Range and the many benefits the products bring to new build and refurbishment projects;

Vireo & Fusion: Whole house Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

ComfoTube: Semi-rigid radial ducting for zero air leakage

Samika: Low energy adaptive extractor fan for bathrooms and kitchens

Omnique: Low energy Multifunction fan for all applications (intermittent or continuous)

Centair: Low energy central extract ventilation

Unity: Low energy continuously running dMEV


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