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2 May 2011

One of the best Heat Recovery units just got SMARTer!

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Greenwood Airvac, leaders in the design of innovative and best performing domestic ventilation products, launches the next generation heat recovery ventilator, the Fusion HRV2HT.

Taking one of the UK’s most efficient heat recovery units to the next level, the new Fusion HRV2HT makes compliance with Building Regulations G.I.P (Guaranteed Installed Performance) quick and easy. Both SAP Appendix Q Eligible and EST Best Practice compliant, Fusion HRV2HT achieves 0.47W/l/s, with an exceptional 93% heat transfer. This outstanding level of performance helps reduce DER’s in SAP and contributes to dwellings built to Code Levels 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Reinforcing the innovative design and performance of the unit Fusion HRV2HT incorporates Greenwood’s new SMART technology.

Firstly Greenwood CommissionSMART™ provides a new and fuss-free method of commissioning on-site. Designed to assist with the delivery of G.I.P (Guaranteed Installed Performance) 100% variable airflow settings ensure Fusion HRV2HT can be tested and commissioned to be 100% accurate to Building Regulation requirements on-site first time.

The commissioning process is also SMARTer thanks to wireless technology. A simple to operate LCD wireless controller, GRF1, is used to commission numerous units by pairing and un-pairing the controller with the units as required. This feature means that the unit can be adjusted and commissioned at the same time in each room (rather than having to return to the unit each time), thus saving valuable time on-site. The same controller can then be used to operate the unit and can be wall mounted for ease of use. A second LCD wireless controller, GRF2, to adjust boost functionality, is also available and can be mounted at numerous points throughout the dwelling.

Fusion HRV2HT also benefits from Greenwood SummerSMART™, Greenwood WinterSMART™, Greenwood HumidiSMART™ and Greenwood TimerSMART™.

By sensing the outside temperature and automatically changing the way supply air is introduced into the dwelling, Greenwood SummerSMART™ and Greenwood WinterSMART™ technologies ensures the perfect year round indoor climate.

Innovative Greenwood HumidiSMART™ technology is a new way of using humidity to control ventilation levels throughout the property.  It only reacts to man-made humidity therefore works specifically for the installed environment and not as a result of a pre set point activation point. In contrast to traditional timers Greenwood TimerSMART™ technology measures the duration of occupancy to determine run time. Both technologies help remove nuisance running noise, especially at night, and unnecessary energy wastage.

An acoustically insulated casing and night mode facility offer additional noise reduction capabilities for a quiet and stress-free operation. And to maximise the continuous provision of fresh healthy air, Fusion HRV2HT has been designed to include anti-bacterial properties.

Suitable for apartments and 2-3 bedroom houses, Fusion HRV2HT has been designed to save time and money on installation. Supplied with a flying lead and simple method of changing the handling from right to left configuration, the unit can be quickly and simply installed to all dwellings. It is also the first product to include a new condensate connector – the John Guest Speedfit Connector – which provides a simple and effective push fit connection to the condensate drain.  This eliminates the need to use additional fixing materials and can dramatically improve the seal between the unit and the piping.

Greenwood’s innovative range of products set a new benchmark in SMART ventilation. For more information please contact Greenwood Customer Services on 0870 900 1880 or visit


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