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14 June 2013

Greenwood products guarantee performance


Greenwood’s new GIP Ducting range is aimed at cutting installation times and helping ensure system performance.

Bend me, shape me, any way you want me – no it’s not the re-launch of the hit song, but one of the fundamental benefits of Green­wood’s brand new GIP Ducting, designed to reduce installation time and assist in the long-term provision of Guaranteed Installed Performance, now a fundamen­tal focus of Building Regulation compliance for installers. For the first time, installers are targeted through Building Regulations.

Changes in Building Regula­tions in 2010 mean ventilation is heading towards a ‘controlled service’, and failure to meet the flow rates specified at the design stage on installation could result in expensive remedial work being enforced by Building Control.

Greenwood has launched a new GIP performance-ready range of products which ensures an easier, better and smarter application of ventilation for best practice installation.

First and most recent is Vireo – the next generation of intel­ligent heat recovery ventilation. Designed and manufactured in the UK, Vireo addresses GIP and all aspects of ventilation installation, resulting in a simple, universal out-of-the-box product, which can be installed up to 70 per cent* quicker than comparative products.

Utilising the latest Greenwood CommissionSMART technology Vireo has a unique commission­ing wizard with ‘turn and press’ control button that enables it to be set up and handed over in just eight steps, compared with 27 for alternative products. Push button handling is thanks to a revolution­ary DISO Dual Inlet Single Outlet technology, eliminating the need to dismantle and re-engineer the product, reducing risk and improving the onsite process.

To see this cutting-edge com­missioning in action, see our You­Tube video at –

Playing an equally crucial role in a whole-house system is duct­ing. With the ability to impact ventilation performance by up to 50 per cent, particularly when fit­ted within the fabric of the build­ing, ducting is key to regulatory compliance.

ComfoTube is a brand new semi-rigid design – you can bend and shape it any way you need to onsite within the building fabric – and it is especially easy to manip­ulate through and around joists.

This means an average four-bedroom house only has 18 con­nection points, as opposed to 104 with a traditional system, and no tape or sealants are required.

What’s more, ComfoTube has a unique mechanical fixing and locking system that prevents leakage, minimising the risk of non-compliance and allowing for a quicker and better quality instal­lation with lower onsite costs.

GIP ducting focuses on per­formance, installation, mainte­nance and above all GIP.

The final product in the new GIP range is Samika – a unique intermittent fan that does what it says on the box. Designed for use in refurb and new build, Samika introduces the concept of adaptive extraction for kitchens and bath­rooms. It can be adapted at the point of installation for any appli­cation. This ensures application does not impact fan performance and prevents issues associated with under and over ventilation.

In addition to pioneering products, Greenwood has also launched BPEC2U – taking the accredited 2010 Domestic Ventila­tion Installer Course on the road. BPEC2U is the first mobile rig available to bring training on-site around the UK to your premises – part of a mix of theoretical train­ing and practical experience, in line with the GIP requirements.

Finally, the new Greenwood Brochure App offers quick and easy access to the full range of Greenwood literature. Putting installation manuals, homeowner guides and product literature at your fingertips, the app is avail­able for android, iPhone and iPad devices. Simply visit your relevant app store to download.


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