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16 June 2013

UK’s first multi-functional fan helps save time and money on social housing properties in the South East

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UK’s first multi-functional fan helps save time and money on social housing properties in the South East.

Designed to provide a one fan fits all option, including SELV for bathrooms, to Building Regulation best practice, Omnique offers a brand new concept in residential ventilation specification. “The ‘one fan fits all’ characteristic of the Omnique was an important factor in our decision making process”, explains Andy Roalf, Partnership Manager, at Mears Group. “We are dealing with a wide range of void properties with potentially differing ventilation requirements, so the concept of being able to fit just the one fan for any application and then set it up as necessary on site is a huge benefit. This unique element of adjustability also means our engineers are able to inspect, fit and commission the fan in one visit. This prevents repeat calls to site and enables us improve our levels of customer service.”

Helping to tackle fuel poverty for tenants Omnique is equipped with Greenwood SMART Technology and innovative design features which ensure optimum efficiency and comfort. “As well as advantages for ourselves Omnique also offers great benefits to the tenant” explains Andy. “The unique, patented shutter on the Omnique only allows the precise extraction rate required for the room when in use and shuts tight when not in use. This helps prevent unnecessary heat loss and unpleasant draughts, ensuring a comfortable indoor climate for the tenants at all times, not to mention helping them save on their heating costs”.

Greenwood TimerSMART™and Greenwood HumidiSMART™ technologies offer additional energy efficiencies whilst continually protecting the fabric of the building and without interfering with the tenant’s lifestyle. By working intuitively with the installed environment they ensure the fan only operates when needed. This prevents over ventilation of the property and helps further reduce energy consumption.

“Moat Homes are also extremely safety conscious” adds Andy. Therefore the filterless design and robust outer casing helped alleviate any safety issues. Overall we are extremely pleased with Omnique and the technical support we have received from Greenwood. Meeting the requirements of the tenants, Moat Homes and ourselves the true multi-functionality of Omnique makes it the ideal solution for long-term ventilation specification.”

Omnique is a Greenwood GIP (Guaranteed Installed Performance) product.  GIP is a core principle of Greenwood Airvac which above all stands for getting ventilation right once it is installed. Greenwood want to ensure a healthy indoor air quality, speedy installation and the reduction of risk associated with non-compliance to Building Regulations. Their solutions are designed to offer the easiest and smartest assistance in achieving regulatory compliance on-site and continuously throughout the product’s operational lifetime.


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