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17 June 2013

When performance is everything choose Samika from Greenwood Airvac

21-09-2012 Job 11455

Leading manufacturer of innovative ventilation products, Greenwood Airvac, is pleased to announce the launch of Samika, their latest development in intermittent ventilation technology for kitchens and bathrooms.

Designed for use in the Social Housing sector Samika introduces the new and innovative concept of adaptive extraction for intermittent fan technology. Unique to the market, it means Samika can be adapted at the point of installation for any application – wall, window, ducted in a ceiling - to enable it to meet its fundamental objective of providing Guaranteed Installed Performance (GIP) first time and assuring Building Control sign-off.

This unique adjustability is important as application can impact the installed performance of a fan in the home by up to 50%, leading to the all too familiar issues associated with under ventilation – mould, condensation and resultant high decoration costs, or with over ventilation – heat loss, nuisance noise and energy wastage. This is something Greenwood is extremely familiar with having worked with social landlords for many years offering advice and resolving issues.

By focusing on GIP and adaptive extraction Samika gives Local Authorities and Housing Associations the peace of mind that the ventilation installed within the property is performing as it should throughout its operational lifetime, achieving good, all around, indoor air quality for tenants 365 days a year. After all you might see ventilation, you might even hear ventilation, but how do you know it is actually performing effectively?

Loaded with Greenwood SMART apps Samika also brings intelligent ventilation to the home. Adaptive to the installed environment it works in tune with ‘real’ human activity to significantly improve the effectiveness of the extract ventilation whilst also removing any intervention from the tenant.

Unaffected by the naturally changing humidity levels in our homes, which can be to the tune of 60% throughout the year, and which may activate traditional humidity sensors, Greenwood HumidiSMART™ technology monitors the installed environment and tracks the normal humidity levels, only reacting to rapid man-made increases caused by showering and cooking etc. to boost ventilation. This ensures the fan is only operational when needed, reducing energy usage and preventing unnecessary heat loss which costs the tenant money!

A logical approach to overrun timing Greenwood TimerSMART™ technology uses duration occupancy to determine the overrun period rather than a fixed pre-set time – i.e. the length of time the fan is operational is proportional to the time spent within the room. This ensures a SMARTer way of controlling ventilation, whilst adequately removing moisture and odours.

Discreet in design Samika blends seamlessly into its environment and with a range of models available is suitable for all types of housing in both refurbishment and new-build applications. Low noise and low energy - it costs as little as 11 pence to run per year, making it an all round attractive proposition.

Being uniquely adaptable Samika is intelligent and ideal for planned and responsive maintenance programmes. Thanks to a simple 6-speed selection process, based on application and installation position, and pre-set to Building Regulation requirements, it can be set-up and commissioned within minutes. What’s more, its filterless design means it does not need any on-going maintenance, simplifying the life of installers and housing maintenance staff.

Addressing the important issue of safety Samika can also be specified with confidence thanks to an extremely secure and vandal proof window kit. Designed in conjunction with a large London based local authority, the kit is manufactured from a polycarbonate material and benefits from a dual layered fixing for increased security. This means the installation cannot be accessed from the outside, even in the event of the external cowl being kicked off.

Finally, assisting in meeting government targets for reducing carbon emissions and waste reduction Samika is Greenwood CarbonSMART™ product. This means that all sites with sole specification of Samika can benefit from Greenwood’s Free Fan Recycling Scheme. Every fan removed from site is taken away free-of-charge where is it dismantled and reworked into a variety of items. Samika itself is also fully recyclable when removed from site.

For more information on Samika please visit www.adaptive-extraction.co.uk or contact Greenwood Customer Services on 0870 900 1880.


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