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1 July 2011

Greenwood's Unity CV2GIP - The best performing dMEV fan in the UK


Unity CV2GIP - Best in class and a whole lot SMARTer

Greenwood Airvac, leaders in the design of the best performing SAP Appendix Q products in the UK, launches Unity CV2GIP, the ultimate single fan for all applications and environments.

One of Greenwood’s new GIP products, which has been intuitively designed to offer the unique ability to assist in the delivery of the GIP requirements in the latest changes to the Building Regulations, which requires that the installed performance of the product must meet the rates specified at the design stage.

The Unity CV2GIP sets a new benchmark in domestic ventilation ensuring these rates are met.

Intelligently designed with functionality, simplicity and reliability in mind, the Unity CV2GIP offers the best average SFP at all installations, with the lowest at 0.16Wl/s - the best performance in the UK. It also offers the best investment for long-term ventilation specification. Ultra-efficient motors deliver the most efficient continuous ventilation with the lowest running noise, at the lowest costs – the equivalent of just over two cans of branded baked beans for the whole year!

Moreover boasting over 8 patents and registered designs, including a ‘Twist-Lock’ front facia, which simply turns for removal, the Unity CV2GIP offers fuss-free installation. On the inside, a unique hinge mechanism allows easy wiring access, with screws remaining within the casing to avoid misplacement – both especially valuable for ceiling installation. On the outside its modern and discreet circular shape ensures it blends seamlessly into any environment.

A further innovation designed to assist in the delivery of G.I.P (Guaranteed Installed Performance), an increasingly crucial part of ventilation compliance, the Unity CV2GIP installers benefit from Greenwood CommissionSMART™ technology, one of 6 new SMARTer design features, new sensors or controls now included in Greenwood products.

Greenwood CommissionSMART™ technology for Unity CV2GIP is delivered through a unique touch-pad located at the front of the fan for quick and accurate set-up and commissioning. The touch-pad has six simple buttons, including an innovative 100% adjustable airflow motor speed, which allows trickle and boost speeds to be accurately altered following testing to ensure compliance with G.I.P(Guaranteed Installed Performance) first time. A truly unique feature within the dMEV category, it works in contrast to switching between pre-set airflow rates, which may not result in the exact airflow requirements.

In addition the Unity CV2GIP also benefits from the inclusion of Greenwood HumidiSMART and Greenwood TimerSMART™, two innovative re-developments of existing technology.

Accurate sensing technology, unique to Greenwood HumidiSMART™, enables Unity the CV2GIP to learn its environment; reacting only to man-made increases in humidity rather than naturally occurring changes throughout the day and those associated with the changing seasons. This helps save energy and prevent nuisance running.

Greenwood TimerSMART™ is a new and logical approach to timer operation as it responds to occupancy time; increasing or decreasing over-run dependent upon in-use duration. Both features can easily be switched on or off and offer effective energy savings, whilst also reducing the impact of nuisance running noise, especially at night, and reducing unnecessary heat loss in the property. In all these controls work in harmony with the installed environment.

Finally Unity CV2GIP is also a Greenwood CarbonSMART™ product. Its best energy performance has been further supported by certified carbon-offsetting projects around the world.


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